photo4Earth Angels Rescue is dedicated to eliminating the unnecessary killing of millions of companion animals annually, by spreading awareness to the general public about the importance of spaying and neutering.

Earth Angels Rescue promotes adoption from animal rescues and shelters as the only options for adding companion animals to your household.

Earth Angels Rescue provides shelter, food, and medical attention to homeless, unwanted and stray animals, until their permanent homes are found.


All of our rescued animals have been examined by a veterinarian. They have been given their annual and rabies vaccines. They have been checked for heartworms and parasites. They have all been spayed or neutered and were given flea prevention, and were groomed if necessary.

Earth Angels Rescue is diligent with our adoption process in choosing the right adopter to compliment the needs of each companion animal.

Earth Angels Rescue’s main goal is to ensure our rescued animals are placed in safe, quality homes with loving families, so our precious rescues will never have to experience the pain they once felt when they were lost and unwanted.